Friday, January 15, 2010

An Open Letter to My Future Wife

Dear Beloved,

The days seem long as I linger on your scent. You are not in sight, but your image dominates my dreams. My heart beats and I feel you in my chest. I reach out and grasp for your hand and find no comfort without your touch. You pump through my veins, feeding my life, nourishing my needs. I lay awake at night, praying for you, begging G-d for your hand.
If I told you your hair flowed like a flock of goats, your neck stands like the tower of David, and your breasts are like fawns, I would never do you justice. But your eyes shine as bright as the sun and carry the softness of Love itself. Your hair shimmers and floats, a halo around G-d's most precious gift to this lowliest of men. Words do not exist to describe the momentum of your smile; the power to leave me speechless in wonder stretches 'cross your face. Your lips taste softly on mine. The pressure of your love compressed into a lasting token in my memory.
All this and I have little to offer you. In amazement I wonder that something so glorious as you should desire something so broken as me. I have so little to offer you, but will give you all that exists within me. The breath I breathe I will give up if it should please you. Every drop of crimson blood in my veins I would spill if it would bring just one of your smiles into my life. But the grace you give is beyond comparison. You want not my suffering, but my pleasure. A more G-dly woman has never existed. You make the struggles of life meaningless and bring me hope and faith. When I grow wary you nourish me soul, you make my heart sing and bring Words of Life to my ears.
Dearest Beloved I promise to never leave you. When you grow tried I will be there to carry you through. Through the joys and the pains, I will share all of my life with you and charish your life above my own. With the blessing of our Abba, we will cling to one another and become one flesh. Life is a big adventure and I long only to share it with you.
When you get this, know that I am waiting with baited breath for your return to me my Beloved...

Yours Eternally,

Your Future Husband


  1. Beautiful words

  2. Shalom Ben!! Just happened to pass through here... just want to say... if you haven't found her yet... she is there deep within Father... keeps seeking Him and you will find her... because she too is waiting for you!!
    Shalom aleichem!

  3. Dear Ben,
    Thank you so much for posting this blog in 2010. It is now 2014 and your openness and sincerity have blessed me tremendously. I love how our G-d works and his timing is perfect. He is so faithful! Ben, may the Lord bless you and keep you and may he bless you as you wait on him. Enjoy every season!